Young Driver Insurance
help with trying to find cheaper driving insurance for new drivers

One of the biggest problems facing new or young drivers is the cost of car insurance. There really is no substitute for shopping around. Price comparison web sites are one of the first places to start and also insurance companies who specialise in young driver insurance. There is also the choice of going on a family members insurance but it is worth asking if you will accrue no claims bonus or your insurance will not come down as you drive. Some companies will install a tracker or black box into your car that will monitor, by GPS, how and when you are driving. If you drive well and not late at night your insurance premium may come down. Listed below are a few insurance companies to get you started.


The Co-operative Insurance Young Driver is one of the top UK price comparison websites comparing over 400 prices from trusted brands for car insurance- in fact 98% of visitors to the site could save money.* Visitors to can benefit from comparisons between top providers against various products including car, home, van and motorbike insurance to receive quotes in minutes!

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