Independent Drive
information about the independent part of the driving test

During the driving test you will be asked to do an independent drive. The independent drive will last about 10 minutes and during that time the driving test candidate will be asked to drive without directions from the examiner whilst the vehicle is in motion. To achieve this the examiner will give the candidate a series of instructions whilst the vehicle is parked.

The directions will be given in the following formats:

  • Following road signs. e.g." I would like you to drive following signs for the hospital and continue to follow these signs until I direct you otherwise".
  • A series of directions. e.g."I would like you to turn right at the end of the road, left at the next two roundabouts, follow the road straight ahead for one mile and then turn left at the end of the road".
  • A combination of both of the above.

The examiner may use diagrams to support the verbal directions given. If at any time you forget or can not work out where to go you can ask your examiner and he will repeat the direction given. It does not matter if you take a wrong turn as long as you do it safely, i.e. with the correct mirrors and signals being used and the correct lane position adopted.

The following video may be useful to give more information on the independent driving section of the driving test.

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