Frequently Asked Questions
K2 Driving School's most frequently asked questions

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Q. In total, how many lessons will it take to pass my test?

A. Different people learn at different speeds. The Driving Standards Agency say that on average it is 40 hours tuition plus practice with a relation or friend.

Q. What is the minimum age that I can start to learn to drive a car on public roads?

A. You can start at 17 years old.

Q. What documentation do I need to start driving?

A. A valid provisional driving licence. If it is the old style (just a paper licence) it must be signed & accompanied by some form of photo identification. If it is the new style you will need both the plastic photographic card and the paper counterpart.

Q. What car do I drive on the driving test?

A. You will drive the same tuition vehicle (or one similar) to the one you have taken your lessons in.

Q. How long is the driving test?

A. 35 to 40 minutes

Q. When should I start studying for my theory test?

A. The sooner the better. You don't have to study before you take to the road but it helps.

Q. When should I stop at a traffic light, when it turns amber or when the lights go red.

A. I would like to think that you always stop when the lights go red but a steady amber light on it's own also means stop if it's safe to do so..

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